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We are Ballroom Dance and Argentine Tango dance teachers with one thing in common: The love and passion for dance and teaching.

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martin cardoso

Martín Cardoso

Martin F. Cardoso was born in Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He began his career at the age of 8 dancing Folk Dance on Hermana Tierra Dance Company participating in the most prestigious Competitions of the country.

Trained in Ballet, at the age of 22, was selected to be part of the National Folkloric Ballet of Argentina.

In the course of six years, he appeared in the best venues and theaters in the country. In 2007, Martin began to take his first steps in Ballroom Dance. He obtained a 1st Place Gold Medal in American Rhythm his first year in the South American World Dance Experience Championship.

While this confirmed his passion and enthusiasm with Ballroom styles, Martin was also involved in the beautiful and beloved Argentine Tango, where he had the opportunity to belong to one of the most prestigious Tango Houses in Argentina…. Piazzolla Tango.


Noelia V. Guerrero

Noelia V. Guerrero was born in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She also began her career at age of 8 in Ballet and Contemporary Dance on the Municipal School of Dance Norma Fontella. At 14 years old, she dabbled in Jazz, Contemporary and Salsa. At age of 15 she performed her first Salsa Shows and started traveling to several, national and international, Salsa Congress.

In 2007 she moved to Buenos Aires where she ventures into the Argentine Tango and Ballroom Dance world and achieves an important recognition in Salsa to be the first dancer in implement Ballroom Dance techniques in this Latin genre, positioning her between first and second places in the most prestigious Championships in South America.

At the same time Noelia worked as a dancer in several theater plays touring around the country. She also worked as Coach Assistant on the TV program Dancing with the Stars in Argentina.

Noelia received her first gold medal in Ballroom Dance in 2008 in the South American World Dance Experience Championship, American Rhythm.



Camila was born in a small city called Pigüe, in Argentina.

Her mother was a music teacher and her father was an athlete and soccer player. Her life was full of sports, dance and music. At the age of 17, she moved to Buenos Aires to study physical education, and, there, she also began to dance salsa. She was so passionate about it that it led her to prepare herself and travel to participate in two world championships, the World Latin Tours, in the US, winning 2nd place.

Upon returning she realized that she needed to go for more and that salsa needed a break…so one of greatest dreams began, learn to Ballroom Dance as she had seen it in movies. Ballroom Dance became her dance love, her great passion.

So she started her competitive career taking 2nd Place in the 2019 South American Open. And although her love for teaching physical education was intact, the proposal to be part of Noelia and Martin’s studio team of dance teachers gave her life a big turn to dedicate herself 100% to ballroom dance… a great challenge that motivates her to continue learning. in this beautiful world of dance.



Tatiyana was born in Perm, Russia. Her dance journey began 8 years old when she began dancing at the local theater art company and educational center.

She attended the Perm State Institute of Art and Culture. Shortly after receiving her Masters Degree in the Performing Arts, specializing in ballet training and teaching, she was invited by the Fred Astaire dance studio of Rochester, New York to begin her professional ballroom competition career.

She relocated to New York with her dance partner Gleb Makarov in 1996. They won numerous competitions, including the Rising Star in American Rhythm and were Finalists in American Smooth. When they moved to Red Bank, NJ, they became US 9 Champions.

In 2003, Tatiyana decided to shift her focus to teaching. In 2007, with her teaching partner Richard Givney. Together they organized a ballroom program at Middletown Arts Center where they taught private and group classes as well as monthly socials and showcases.

In January of 2022 Tatiyana moved to Fort Myers and soon joined the team of dance teachers at M&N dance studio!