social dancing

Social Dancing

Social Dancing

Have A Cruise Coming Up? A Wedding? A Reunion? Do You Want To Stand Out On The Dance Floor When A Band Is Playing?
You Got It!

Our 3 Point Teaching System (Private Lessons, Group classes, and Practice Parties) will help you learn as much as possible in a short period of time with real FUN.

Join us and discover the joy of social dancing, where you’ll make new friends and create beautiful memories, one dance step at a time.

But first, here are

Wedding | Quinceañeras

Make your special day even more memorable with our Wedding/Quinceañera Dance Programs.

Our dedicated instructors understand the importance of that magical first dance, and they are here to make it truly unforgettable.

Whether you’re dreaming of a classic waltz, a sizzling tango, or a personalized choreography, we’ll work with you to create a dance that reflects your unique style and love story. With patience and expertise, we’ll turn your dance floor dreams into a reality.

Let the Dance Flow professionals help you shine on your wedding/birthday day, making it a moment you and your guests will cherish forever.

wedding dance lessons

Wedding & Quinceañeras


Want to take your dancing to a higher level? Join our Team!

For many students, competitions may sound like a little too much. But they are one of the most fun and beneficial things you can do for your dancing.

They sharpen your technique, increase confidence and help you achieve new goals faster. We travel to local, National, and international luxury destinations, making it an adventure and experience you will never forget!

competition dancing


Dance studio trips



Embark on an extraordinary journey where dance, culture, and adventure unite to create memories that last a lifetime.

Our Dance Trips take you to enchanting destinations like for example: Argentina, Costa Rica or Cuba, where you’ll not only immerse yourself in the vibrant world of dance but also experience the thrill of unforgettable adventures.


It’s been proven, over the years, that Ballroom Dancing is the “chosen activity” for your children to Improve self-confidence, self-control and self-assurance as your child travels through life.

Ballroom Dancing nurtures your child in many ways. It improves health and coordination. Increase flexibility, stamina and balance.

It will improve focus and concentration and it will relief stress. Your kids will learn to express themselves while participating in Level passing and Showcases events, making new friends in an easy, effective, and fun process.

kids dance lessons