The Hustle DanceThe Hustle

Have you ever watched a dance routine and felt mesmerized by the fluidity, energy and quick footwork of the dancers? Chances are, you were probably watching the Hustle dance style. The hustle is an energetic partner dance that originated in New York City in the 1970s during the disco era. It quickly gained popularity and continues to be a popular dance style today. If you’re interested in learning this dynamic and versatile dance, look no further than Dance Flow Fort Myers.

Located in Fort Myers, FL, Dance Flow Fort Myers is a premier dance studio that offers a variety of dance classes for all ages and levels. One of their most sought-after classes is the Hustle class, taught by experienced instructors who are passionate about sharing their love for this fun and lively dance.

So why should you learn the Hustle? Not only is it an exciting way to stay physically active, but it also has numerous benefits for personal growth and development.

1. Improved coordination:

The fast-paced nature of hustle requires dancers to have great coordination between their upper body movements and quick footwork. With practice, your coordination will improve as well as your overall body control.

2. Cardiovascular fitness:

Combining fast-paced movements with upbeat music makes hustle an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise that can increase heart health while burning calories.

3. Stress relief:

Dancing has been proven to reduce stress levels by releasing endorphins or “feel-good” hormones in our bodies. As you get lost in the music while learning new steps in Hustle class at Dance Flow Fort Myers, you’ll experience reduced stress levels right away.

4. Socialization:

Hustle is a partnered dance where both partners must communicate through leading and following each other’s movements on the floor. This creates an opportunity to meet new people from different backgrounds in your classes at Dance Flow Fort Myers while learning how to work together harmoniously on the same goal – mastering the hustle.

At Dance Flow Fort Myers, their instructors strive to provide a fun and welcoming environment for all dancers. The hustle classes are designed for both beginners and advanced students. Whether you’re an experienced dancer or have two left feet, their instructors will break down each step of the hustle to ensure you learn it correctly while having a great time.

Moreover, Dance Flow Fort Myers has a convenient online registration system on their website ( that allows you to easily sign up for classes from your comfort of your own home. You can also contact them at (239) 275-8159 to schedule a trial lesson or ask any questions you may have about the Hustle class.

Learning how to dance the Hustle has never been easier with Dance Flow Fort Myers. So come in and join other dance enthusiasts at this fantastic studio today! With friendly instructors, supportive classmates, and energetic music playing in every class – what are you waiting for? Put on your dancing shoes and start learning one of the most iconic dances of our time!